The Ultimate Ionic 2 Cheatsheet Last update: 2016-09-29

The Ultimate Ionic 2 Cheatsheet

The Ionic CLI was and still is awesome. With Ionic 2 coming, it time to update my previous very popular Ionic Framework 1 cheatsheet to include all the great options you currently have to build hybrid apps!

While most of these commands already existed before, we now have a complete image with all the commands. Some do even have more options than I specified on the cheatsheet, you can find all the options (and maybe missing commands) on the official Github repository for the Ionic CLI.


Learning Ionic can become overwhelming, I know that feeling. Is learning from tutorials and videos sometimes not enough for you? Then I got something for you.

If you want to learn Ionic with step-by-step video courses, hands-on training projects and a helpful community who has your back, then take a look at the Ionic Academy.

Join the Ionic Academy

To use the new features of Ionic 2+ make sure to install it via npm:

npm install -g ionic

To make this graphic less distracting and more helpful I reduced it to what’s important so you can use it as a reference while you develop your next great Ionic app!

Enjoy and share the Ionic 2 Cheatsheet, Simon ionic-2-cheatshet