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You can view previous issues, and I've been growing the newsletter organically since 2016.

About the Newsletter

The Devdactic Newsletter is a weekly private email to the list of my loyal subscribers that have joined either through my blog Devdactic, purchased one of my products like the Ionic Academy or signed up for a course like my free eBook.


The audience is developers and SMB owners with strong interest in building mobile applications while already having web development knowledge.

  • Subscribers: 16 000+
  • Email average open rate: 35%
  • Email average click rate: 2%
  • Newsletter frequency: Every Tuesday
  • Ad slots per issue: One sponsor


There is only one premium ad placement per newsletter so you are getting the full attention of 16k+ people. A text link with description usually works best to bring your message across, but if you feel like an image adds value I'm open to it as well.

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