Practical Ionic - Build Real World Applications Last update: 2020-07-30

Practical Ionic - Build Real World Applications

It’s difficult to implement best practices and connect functionality based on simple tutorials. That’s why I created a new book for you - a practical guide to building real Ionic applications.

This book is a hands on guide (that’s why it’s called practical) on building complex applications with Ionic, Firebase and Capacitor.

And it’s now available for purchase!

Let’s quickly go through a few items so you can evaluate if this book is for you.

What will I learn?

Inside Practical Ionic we build one big application - not a bunch of dummy apps. But this one application consists of all important elements you need to understand in order to build highly complex real world applications.

The book is practical since we tackle each screen or functionality on it’s on and integrate it into our app. All with detailed code snippets and explanations plus important notes about additional topics around the learning material.

This is not your Ionic getting started guide, this is the book to read once you’ve taken the first steps and look for the real knowledge you need in order to build and ship your apps.

Why Practical Ionic?

The whole idea for the book is based on a reader survey from 2019 - so you basically gave me the idea.

Based on feedback I got over the years I understand that some topics are simply too easily covered with tutorials. What happens once you need an inside menu at a later point, or you need authentication guards based on API data?

What about RxJS and the magical pipe block to resolve and transform your Observables?

Practical Ionic helps to understand how you can solve every problem inside your own app in the future based on a concrete business example.

In fact this concept was planned as a series with even more real world apps, so if you enjoy the concept of this book, let me know and we might potentially see a continuation of the Practical Ionic series in the future!

What’s inside the packages?

The essential package comes with only the digital book (PDF, epub, mobi), the advanced and ultimate edition have additional written guides and Ionic template apps for your future projects. Plus they got some nice perks on my other products - check out all of the packages here!

The Writing Process

The whole book process took me over half a year, since I created the app first, started writing on it and finally reworked part of the app again.

If you want to see a bit more of the book and everything I used to create it, check out my new vlog episode covering the creation and launch of Practical Ionic!

se xyz technology?

It’s hard to build a product that fits everyone these days - in fact it’s not even possible with Ionic alone anymore, since you might have to cover Angular, React and Vue!

Therefore the decision on Ionic, Capacitor & Firebase comes from the popularity of these tools. You could achieve the same results with a Nest backend or if you use React instead of Angular most likely.

For a potential second Practical Ionic book I would consider a full backend chapter on creating your own API, and perhaps even a different framework instead of Angular.

What’s next?

For now, this is it. Over the next time I’ll be focusing on the Ionic Academy and the Kickoff Ionic bootstrap tool more, which both didn’t get enough attention while creating this ebook.

Of course I’m on Twitter for any questions you might have with Practical Ionic, and like with all my products, there’s a 14 day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with your purchase.

Enjoy Ionic and get some practical skills!

Get Practical Ionic today.