The Ionic Framework Cheatsheet Last update: 2015-02-27

The Ionic Framework Cheatsheet

So you have played around with the Ionic Framework for a while? You might have recognised that there are some reoccurring command line statements. There are many times when I need a special flag or option, so I made a little Cheatsheet to have all options at hand. On this way I can focus on coding and I don’t have to search for a specific command while building my app.

Additional this comes in very handy for beginners, you can see how easy it is to build great Ionic Apps in nearly no time! Just follow the flow and you will be happy. If you think there should be more things included, just leave me a comment.

So here it is, the Ionic Framework Cheatsheet for beginners, lazy people and everyone else who is like me!


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So long, Saimon